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  • January 7, 2011
    8:30 am - 10:15 am
    Session Type: Section Programs
    Session Capacity: N/A
    Hotel: Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco Union Square
    Room: Cyril Magnin III
    Floor: Fourth Floor Level

    (Papers to be published in Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal)


    Too often, the debate about retirement security reform in the United States has taken place in a vacuum, as if it is only an American problem.  Yet, many other developed, industrial countries face similar pension reform challenges.   Some of these countries have been successful in overcoming these challenges, some have not, and for others, the results are not yet conclusive.  In any event, this panel seeks to undertake a thorough comparison of pension law reform ideas in four different countries and one political unit: the United States, Canada, France, Belgium, and the European Union.  The hope is that the participants can help one another, and each others’ countries, find new solutions to the old problem of pension law reform.


    Business Meeting at Program Conclusion.

Session Speakers
University of British Columbia Allard School of Law

University of Kentucky, J. David Rosenberg College of Law

The University of Michigan Law School

Marquette University Law School

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