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  • January 8, 2011
    1:30 pm - 3:15 pm
    Session Type: Section Programs
    Session Capacity: N/A
    Hotel: Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco Union Square
    Room: Davidson
    Floor: Fourth Floor Level

    This panel will explore the relationship between creativity and the laws of copyright, patent and trademark. While the goals of each area of intellectual property law are distinct and highly contested, many of the differing conceptions share a common ambition—the desire to promote creativity.  Promoting creativity arguably advances both the utilitarian goals of intellectual property law and more holistic personal, cultural, and social interests. 

    Should all branches of intellectual property law strive to promote creativity? Do extant patent, copyright, and trademark doctrines actually promote creativity? If not, should they be revised to better achieve the goals of creativity and creation? These questions raise issues at the intersection of law, psychology, culture, and other disciplines, and will be addressed by the panel from a multidisciplinary perspective.

    Business Meeting at Program Conclusion.

Session Speakers
The George Washington University Law School

Boston University School of Law

Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law

Washington University

University of California, Davis, School of Law

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