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Request for Bridge Program Proposals at the AALS 2014 Annual Meeting

AALS is requesting proposals for "Bridge Programs" for the 2014 AALS Annual Meeting in New York City. The purpose of the Bridge Program time slot is to provide a forum for a panel presentation on a timely and important issue of general interest that typically arises after the March 15, 2013 deadline for Section and other program topics. Bridge Programs are programs involving many subject interests, are also typically multidisciplinary, are not usual topics presented by a Section, and may not overlap with any Annual Meeting programs.

Faculty members at AALS member law schools who are interested in organizing a one-hour and 45-minute Bridge Program panel presentation have the opportunity to submit a proposal by October 25, 2013. Proposals should be submitted by email to

Bridge Program proposals may only be submitted by individuals or groups of individuals from AALS member law schools. Proposals may not be submitted by Sections or organizations. Additionally, only faculty members at AALS member law schools may submit. Foreign, visiting, and adjunct faculty members, graduate students, and fellows are not eligible to submit a proposal. Faculty members at fee-paid schools are also not eligible.

When developing the Bridge Program proposal you should consider the following:

  • Is there a diversity of presenters?
  • Is there junior and senior teacher involvement?

Bridge Program proposals should not feature a program or subject that is already addressed elsewhere in the Annual Meeting program. Please review the Annual Meeting schedule to make sure the Bridge Program proposal is not duplicating an existing AALS, Committee, or Section program already being presented.

Each Bridge Program proposal should contain the following information:

1) Title of the proposed Bridge Program;
2) Description of the program;
3) Confirmed list of panel members, their full names, and school; and
4) Explanation as to why the proposal topic is one or more of the following:

  • "hot," timely, or late-breaking legal issue that could not be identified prior to March 15, 2013
  • one that brings together multiple subject areas
  • multidisciplinary
  • one that involves issues not usually presented by Sections
  • not duplicative of any 2014 Annual Meeting program

Bridge Program proposals will be evaluated by the AALS Committee on Special Programs for the Annual Meeting. Bridge Program proposals that are selected by the committee will be assigned a program time slot and cannot be changed for accommodation of speakers because space and time are limited.

AALS will notify proposers of the committee's decisions by December 2.

If no Bridge Program proposals are chosen for a particular year, the Bridge Program slots will not otherwise be filled. If you have questions, please contact Jane La Barbera, AALS Managing Director at