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  • January 5, 2022
    11:00 am - 12:15 pm
    Session Type: Section Programs
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    Accommodations law is evolving, but still does not meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. This program will examine recent developments in the law of disability accommodations and modifications. Panelists will predict how the law will or should develop, considering both incremental change and radical reinvention. Panelists will also discuss documentation of disability standards; negotiating accommodations in the workplace through the interactive process; the administrative work obtaining accommodations requires; and the emotional toll accommodations take.
Session Speakers
University of Dayton School of Law
Speaker from a Call for Papers

Syracuse University College of Law

Columbia Law School

Pace University Elisabeth Haub School of Law

University of Toledo College of Law
Speaker from a Call for Papers

Session Fees
  • Disability Law, Co-Sponsored by Education Law, Labor Relations and Employment Law, and Law Professors with Disabilities and Allies- The Future of Accommodations - The Future of Accommodations: $0.00