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  • January 5, 2017
    1:30 pm - 5:15 pm
    Session Type: AALS Programs
    Session Capacity: 99
    Hotel: Hilton San Francisco Union Square
    Room: Golden Gate 2
    Floor: Lobby Level

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    Recently, the nation’s mismanagement and neglect of its diverse human resources (evident in everything ranging from incarceration rates to childhood poverty rates) has splashed across the headlines, as events from Ferguson, Orlando, Dallas, and Baton Rouge, among other locales, have captured America’s attention. American law schools are not immune from these social realities. In fact, as law schools face enhanced economic pressure, issues relating to diversity in the legal academy will likely increase over time.

    This workshop will address the issues facing law schools that seek to manage diversity as productively as possible in the current challenging environment. Through presented papers and discussion, participants will examine the best learning for creating an optimized law school environment for superior pedagogical outcomes and student growth in terms of managing the challenges of an increasingly diverse legal environment.  Questions addressed include:

    What are the best practices today for a law school that wishes to bring the full breadth of cultural perspectives and experiences into the classroom, both within the student body and at the faculty level? Should the legal academy articulate new metrics of merit that comprehend these diverse perspectives and experiences, and perhaps deemphasize traditional notions of merit such as the LSAT exam, or institutional pedigree?  Once a law school achieves some level of institutional diversity, how best can such diversity be managed to avoid unnecessary conflict and to achieve the full range of diversity benefits? What is the best means of teaching racially sensitive topics across the curriculum? What can the legal academy learn from the world of business, the military and other parts of American society in terms of capturing the benefits of diversity and avoiding the inevitable cultural clash implicit in diversity? What legal constraints do law schools face in the pursuit of diversity benefits, now and in the near future? 

    Papers will be published in the UC Davis Law Review.


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