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  • June 6, 2015
    4:15 pm - 5:00 pm
    Session Type: AALS Programs
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    This final session will challenge participants to develop service to their school, university, profession and community as outlets for their academic and non-academic passions and interests.
    How do you approach the third prong of the tripartite journey toward tenure?  There is service and service.  Your service obligations may appear to be a chore, a burden (and, sometimes, they really are!).  But you have the power to transform that perception and reality.  Service is a gateway to learning about, and being active and influential in, the operation of your school.  Your service provides an opportunity to interact with your colleagues  - and for them to interact with you - to build strong personal and professional relationships.  (On both sides, there is ongoing interactive assessment of participants’ character, capability, and potential.)  This session will illustrate the ways in which the power resides with you to transform your service obligations, create your own service opportunities, and follow your passion in order to develop and extend your areas of expertise and your networks at the same time.  

    Phoebe A. Haddon, Chancellor, Rutgers University, Camden
    Download Service: Challenge, Opportunity, and Passions slides

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