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  • January 3, 2019
    10:30 am - 12:15 pm
    Session Type: Section Programs
    Session Capacity: N/A
    Hotel: Hilton New Orleans Riverside
    Room: Grand Salon Section 19
    Floor: First Floor

    Signs of a dysfunctional civil-military relationship within our democracy are plentiful, and perhaps a symptom of a malaise this country has seen before, harkening to the Alien & Sedition Act days: patriotism used to oppress civil rights and suppress dissent. From the prominent role of general officers within the Trump Administration to the reflexive veneration of military members within American society, to the hijacking of serious political issues by false claims of military ties (suddenly the national anthem at football games is an ode to those serving on active duty?), the military is being used (and perhaps allowing itself to be used) to manipulate, coerce, and distort. This panel of former military officers, civilian policy makers, and national security law scholars will discuss whether these claims are valid versus overblown, and analyze proposals to ensure the U.S. military plays an appropriate role within our constitutional democracy.

    Business meeting at program conclusion.

Session Speakers
Rand Corporation

Roger Williams University School of Law

The Ohio State University, Michael E. Moritz College of Law

Southwestern Law School

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  • [3160] National Security Law - Civil-Military Relations and Patriotism as Oppression: $0.00