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  • April 30, 2021
    11:00 am - 11:45 am
    Session Type: Concurrent Sessions
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    To succeed in today’s legal profession, law students need a host of leadership skills and concepts to prepare for the challenges presented by an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Through development of leadership curricula and engagement with leadership coaches, law school clinical faculty and administrators are leading the charge to help students channel their unique strengths and life experiences toward the achievement of client or societal outcomes, all the while preparing future lawyers to be mindful of their own professional development, promote wellness, and create positive change in the legal profession and society. This concurrent session will explore the inclusion of leadership concepts and skills in clinics and externships, in both transactional and litigation settings. Participants will explore why leadership training is important, learn some core concepts underpinning current leadership training methods, see how leadership can be taught in the classroom and clinical setting, and begin to understand the pedagogical benefits of leadership coaching for rising lawyers in today’s world. This session will be interactive, consisting of guided activities and replicable exercises for participants to apply to their own teaching. Session speakers consist of clinical faculty, law school administrators, and leadership coaches who will share their wealth of experiences in training law students and practicing attorneys alike to help each individual identify their own personal strengths and maximize their leadership potential.
Session Speakers
University of Nebraska College of Law
Concurrent Session Speaker

The George Washington University Law School
Concurrent Session Speaker

Fordham University School of Law
Concurrent Session Speaker

University of Nebraska College of Law
Concurrent Session Speaker and Coordinator

Session Fees
  • Building the Future Through Development of Leadership and Professional Identity in Clinical Programs: $0.00