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  • January 8, 2021
    2:25 pm - 2:35 pm
    Session Type: Subsessions
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    Potential Discussion Questions: Establishing External and Internal Networks of Support. Why is it important to develop and maintain professional relationships with teachers, scholars, and others outside of your home institution? What are some tips and strategies for developing and maintaining these connections? What are some tips and strategies for developing and maintaining professional relationships at your home institution? Conferences, Colloquia, and Workshops. Conferences provide opportunities to present your work, but which conferences should you attend? How can colloquia and workshop series enhance your scholarship? Managing Internal and External Reviews. The purpose of the retention review is to determine whether a tenure-track faculty member is on track for tenure. What should you do if your review is successful, but you are informed of weaknesses or areas of concern? What should you do if the review is glowing? Balancing Scholarship, Teaching, and Service: How do you determine which obligation to prioritize, and when? When asked to participate in service projects or committee work, when can or should you say no? We often disparage service obligations, but when might service be a gateway to learning about, and being active and influential in, the operation of your school?
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