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  • May 1, 2021
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
    Session Type: Workshop
    Session Capacity: 24
    Hotel: N/A
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    Do you hope your students will be justice-ready at the end of your semester together? Fearless problem solvers? Understand what it takes to be the best-prepared lawyer? Reflective learners? Once you, as a teacher, understand your goals for your students, you can construct an effective course to meet your vision. This workshop is targeted to clinical faculty who are ready to visualize what their students will have become (in skills, knowledge, and values) at the end of their course, and then how to build a clinic, field placement, or skills course to achieve that vision.
    Consider our conference theme — Reckoning from our Past and Building for the Future. This workshop is designed with just that aim in mind. How do we teach the foundational and emerging lawyering skills that our students need to forge this future path? For experienced clinicians, our workshop enables them to retool their courses to better reach their aspirations for their students’ learning. For less experienced clinicians, the workshop provides the platform to discover how the sundry parts of a course, well-synthesized and sequenced, can deliver deep student learning.
    The workshop introduces a design process for creating an effective, intentionally built instructional roadmap for any experiential learning course. It will help each participant identify the animating theory for their course, plus learning
    goals, final assessment, evaluation rubric, and learning outcomes. This process is particularly challenging as teachers shift from covering many laws, skills, and values to identifying one or two goals drawn from their animating theory
    about lawyering. But it is anchored in the mission to provide students with durable learning, as they can focus on the most essential content of the course and transfer that learning to different and more challenging contexts in their
Session Speakers
University of Wyoming College of Law
Workshop Speaker

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law
Workshop Coordinator

The University of Texas School of Law
Workshop Speaker

Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Workshop Speaker

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