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  • January 9, 2022
    11:00 am - 12:15 pm
    Session Type: Section Programs
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    Transgender issues in sports have gained increased political, legal, and social interest at all levels of athletic competition. The critical debate focuses on whether providing women with equal opportunities is consistent with current efforts to provide transgendered persons with those same opportunities. One side of the debate asserts that transgendered athletes have a distinct competitive advantage. Conversely, transgender advocates believe these fears are unwarranted, invalid, and undermine fairness and inclusion. Given the wide sweeping impact and importance of these issues, this program will focus on topics related to public and private policies restricting transgendered athletes from participating in women’s sports.
Session Speakers
Western New England University School of Law

Benjamin L. Crump College of Law at St. Thomas University

Champion Women

University of Idaho College of Law

Session Fees
  • Law and Sports Co-Sponsored by Children and the Law and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues - Transgender Inclusion in Athletic Competition: $0.00