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  • January 6, 2023
    8:00 am - 9:40 am
    Session Type: Section Programs
    Session Capacity: N/A
    Hotel: N/A
    Room: Del Mar
    Floor: Third Floor, South Tower

    The “metaverse” has become a hot topic over the past couple of years, with commercial activity ranging from “sales of virtual” real-estate, to virtual fashion items, and attracting significant attention when Facebook boldly renamed itself “Meta.” The term “metaverse” is loosely defined but generally refers to virtual or augmented reality and digital spaces, including videogames and other activities in “cyberspace.” The question is whether the metaverse requires quite so much attention from a legal perspective. Is this old wine in new bottles? Are there truly new legal issues? Or do we just need to get back to life and reality.

    Business meeting at program conclusion. 
Session Speakers
University of Kentucky, J. David Rosenberg College of Law

Santa Clara University School of Law

Cleveland State University College of Law

North Carolina Central University School of Law

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Pepperdine University, Rick J. Caruso School of Law

Session Fees
  • Intellectual Property, Co-Sponsored by Internet and Computer Law and Mass Communication Law - Why do IP Professors Hate the Metaverse?: $0.00