Section on Antitrust and Economic Regulation

Date Chartered: 1/1/1977

The Section on Antitrust & Economic Regulation promotes the communication of ideas, interests and activities among members of the Section.
AALS Antitrust Section -- Virtual Election for Appointment to the Executive Committee

Dear AALS Antitrust Section Membership,

Please participate in the first virtual election to appoint the newest member to the Antitrust and Economic Regulation Section (Antitrust Section) of AALS. The following link will direct you to the Antitrust Section membership page (password protected) which will direct you to the Wufoo nomination form that also explains the process in greater detail.

Here is the summary version of the relevant information:

  • This election is to select the newest member of the Executive Committee.
  • The Antitrust Section’s Executive Committee is comprised of 6 members. The most senior member (as defined by year of appointment to the board) serves as the Chairperson. After serving as Chairperson for one year, he/she rotates off the Executive Committee and the next most senior member becomes the new Chairperson.
  • This election will occur in two phases. Phase one involves soliciting nominations and it is now extended through December 4th (Sunday). Phase two, the actual vote itself, is slated for shortly thereafter in December.
  • Only faculty and administrators of member schools are eligible to hold office. Only Antitrust Section members may offer nominees or vote. The nominees must be members of the Antitrust Section before being placed on the ballot.
  • The three individuals who receive the greatest number of nominations and who meet the other requirements (membership in the Antitrust Section, research/teaching interests falling squarely within field of antitrust, and who indicate a willingness to be placed on the ballot after being contacted by the Executive Committee) along with up to two additional nominees selected by the Executive Committee (who also meet the requirements) will constitute the final slate of candidates.
  • Persons who previously served on the Executive Committee are ineligible for nomination. A list of those individuals is provided when you click on the Wufoo link. If you have not previously served on the Executive Committee, you may nominate yourself!
  • Any questions about section membership or your AALS account credentials, please email
  • If you have any technical questions, please contact Mr. Patrick Riley (Manager of Section Services, AALS) at
  • Please direct any other questions or comments to Antitrust Section Chairperson Hillary Greene at

The Executive Committee greatly appreciates your participation in this process!

Sincerely, Hillary Greene, Chair C. Scott Hemphill, Chair-Elect Rebecca Haw Allensworth Aaron Edlin Harry First Alan J. Meese

Click Here to Log-In to the Section Member-Only Pages:

Section Officers:

ChairHillary Greene, University of Connecticut School of Law
Phone: (860) 570-5211

Chair-ElectScott Hemphill, New York University School of Law
Phone: (212) 854-0593

Executive CommitteeAaron S. Edlin, University of California, Berkeley School of Law
Phone: (510) 642-4719

Harry First, New York University School of Law
Phone: (212) 998-6211

Rebecca Haw Allensworth, Vanderbilt University Law School
Phone: (615) 322-2615

Alan J. Meese, William & Mary Law School
Phone: (757)221-1609

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